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Commissioner's Message

June 2017

I am honoured and proud to have been appointed as Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner in April, 2017. The mandate of my Office is an important one, underscoring fundamental values of fairness, accessibility and equal treatment that we all share as proud Ontarians.

This past March marked the tenth anniversary of the Fair Access to Regulated Professions and Compulsory Trades Act, 2006 (the Act), and of the creation of my Office. The Act stands to this day as a landmark achievement in progressive and practical government policy - an initiative that continues to stand as a model for the rest of the country, and indeed the world. And I am proud to be taking the helm of this organization at this time, to build on the decade-long journey that has resulted in meaningful, tangible progress in providing fair access to Ontario’s professions and compulsory trades.

At the time of its enactment, the Act was ground-breaking legislation designed to assist the integration of internationally trained individuals into Ontario’s workforce. With a focus on the difficulties encountered by educated and qualified immigrants, the work of the Fairness Commissioner is a vital part of Ontario’s economic and social strategy.

As Fairness Commissioner I will be building upon the substantial knowledge and achievements of the past ten years. Beginning by better aligning the OFC within the government’s accountability framework, I will be leading the OFC in adopting a modernized and targeted approach in carrying out its compliance oversight mandate. The OFC will recognize progress and improvements by regulators and focus more acutely on non-compliance through a risk-based approach to implementing fair-access legislation.

I look forward to working with all regulated professions to ensure that every qualified person who wants to practice their profession or trade in Ontario can get licensed to do so.

Grant Jameson
Fairness Commissioner

Fairness Commissioner Grant Jameson

Grant Jameson, Fairness Commissioner