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​​​​​The Fairness Commissioner assesses the registration practices of certain regulated professions and trades to make sure they are transparent, objective, impartial and fair for anyone applying to practice his or her profession in Ontario.

The Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) supports the Fairness Commissioner in acting on the mandate set out in the Fair Access to Regulated Professions and Compulsory Trades Act, 2006 (FARPACTA) and the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA). In doing so, the OFC assesses every element of the registration process.

The functions of the Fairness Commissioner include:

  • Assessing the regulated professions’ and compulsory trades’ registration process
  • Initiating audits of registration processes
  • Advising regulatory bodies about their registration process and other issues
  • Setting guidelines for the regulatory bodies’ reports to be provided to the Fairness Commissioner
  • Advising provincial government ministries about issues relating to the professions and trades in their portfolio
  • Issuing compliance orders to the non-health professions and to the trades, if necessary
  • Advising the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care about a health profession’s non-compliance, if necessary
  • Reporting to the public and to the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development
    about its work.​
  • Conducting research to explore issues relating to fairness and identify solutions to those issues

The Fairness Commissioner does not have a mandate to help internationally trained and educated individuals get their professional licences, and does not assess credentials.

Bodies that regulate the professions and trades submit reports and implement the Fairness Commissioner’s recommendations for improvement.

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